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It all started when...

I received a crumpled preschool portrait order packet from my kids' picture day. Granted, it wasn't necessarily the SCHOOL's fault. It was just the mere OLD process and logistics. My husband does the majority of the pickup shifts at our kids' preschool, and he tries his best to responsibly bring home all of her 'stuff': the soiled change of clothes (learning is messy!), dirty bottles, cute artwork from their day's activities, written daily report, AND the school portrait packet. Add all of that and try carrying a wriggling, overly tired and hungry toddler and you're bound to get a few creases in your precious prints.

I'm determined to improve upon the school portrait process: make it simpler, easier, and most of all, authentically beautiful. Personally, I'd much rather rely on the memory of my child's portrait that accurately illustrates their personality.

Voila Modern School Portraits was born!





She LOVES being silly and has a reputation for creating the best (fake) fart noises behind the camera! She loves going scuba diving and traveling with her own little family of four in her downtime.

She specializes in photographing newborns, baby bumps, and families in Chicago. She recently led a family-based workshop for PPA this past June. You can check out more of her work here: http://jennygrimm.com


With a background in childhood education, she's Jenny's right hand woman when it comes to photographing schools...

She's an EXPERT when it comes to lighting and recently taught a photography workshop focused on wedding reception lighting. She regularly photographs weddings and families in Chicago, and loves cold brew coffee and naps! You can check out more of her work here: http://nicoledefilippisphotography.com


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